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Providing Commercial Property Services since 1975

Trail Services Inc. was founded by Humberto (Bert) Jimenez in 1975. While the business originally served as a means to source and deliver high quality trees and agriculture for the South Florida area. In the years following, Trail Services has evolved to become a leader in helping maintain commercial properties. Whether it is lawn care, landscaping, landscape design, tree trimming, or porter services, Bert has helped drive consistent results at Trail Services. With his sole goal being to meet whatever need arises with the firms he's worked with.

Over the last several years, Ed and Sydney Jimenez have helped Bert to increase service to our existing clients as well as ensure the business is capable of expansion in the coming years! With these additions to the Trail Service's Team, we are able to provide precision, expert, and consistent results throughout the South Florida market. 

Trail Services can be the tool you need to improve your property value and help increase tenant occupancy at your properties, all while maintaining a well-manicured look that keeps your leased partners happy!

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